Gary Whittington


Programming Languages

Java (including Java SE, Java EE, Servlets, JAX-RS and JDBC), JavaScript and Unix command line tools (all 20+ years). Previously worked with other programming languages including C++, ANSI C, Pascal, Smalltalk, PostScript, HyperTalk and various assembly languages.


Web standards, web performance, web front-end frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation and Material Design), core HTML technologies (including JavaScript, HTML/HTML5 and CSS), XML-based systems and new web technology/standards (such as service workers, PWAs, CDN, HTTP/2 and CSP). Developed JAM stack applications.


Including SQL, NoSQL and object-oriented databases and in particular MySQL and MongoDB (in production scenarios). I have also used graph database bases (including RDF) for over 20 years.


Linux (Fedora and CentOS), MacOS X, many Amazon Web Services (AWS) services as well as other cloud providers (Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and Rackspace) and container based systems (such as Jails and Docker).


Version control (CVS and git), Netbeans (10+ years), Unix command line (20+ years), Tomcat and MacOS X tools. Used NewRelic and DripStat in production.


Various web API (jQuery, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc), OAuth as well as developing APIs (include REST and GraphQL). Integrations have included Amazon product shop APIs.


Security (auditing and implementation), scripting (include shell scripting and Ansible), system operations (I have operated a cluster of Linux servers for 20+ years), computer networks, web servers (Apache and Nginx), DNS and mail servers, software design patterns and backups/disaster recovery.

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