Gary Whittington

Project Experience

Gary has developed a range projects during his career including:

1994 - Present
Business Portals

I have architected, designed and implemented over 300+ business portals for international and national organisations in both the public and private sectors. The core portal function contains over 40 modules that can customised to the clients needs.

1994 - Present
Various e-Commerce Sites and Integrations

Various e-commerce projects including integration with SAP (including punch-out), Maximo, Aribia, Sage, Amazon (product gateway) and various payment gateways (such as Paypal and Stripe). In some cases this has included working with various XML and JSON based APIs and file formats.

1994 - Present
Content Management Portals

I have developed and operated various web-based content management systems for over 20 years for both publicity web sites and portals. This includes a full static HTML complier that was originally developed in the mid 1990s and which is still in daily use today.

1994 - Present
Web Performance

Includes web site optimisation, performance testing and web application development. Included using CDNs and HTTP/2 for delivery of content and Progressive Web Application (PWA) development and deployment.

2016 - Present
e-Commerce System with Amazon Shopping API

Integrated e-Commerce system that uses the Amazon shopping API to access product information and images in real-time. This project included checkout integration with the Amazon store and referral code integration.

2013 - Present
Offshore Training and Inductions eLearning Portal

Involved in the architectural design, content creation and on-line delivery of e-learning courses and portals. Recent example is for an offshore training and inductions for major oil company. This included design, development, data management and operation of the portal and streaming content. This project is still active and has issued over 12,000 certificates.

2015 - Present
Document Management System

I have designed, developed and currently operate SAAS document management system. This includes tracking and managing documents with full multi-level access control for client organisations as well as issuing and tracking transmittal documents. Typical size of system is 40,000 documents.

2010 - Present
Integrity Tracking and Management Portal

Web-based integrity tracking and management portals of large scale installations. This included building full interactive model of the installations with real-time drill-down of information, fault detection and reporting.

2012 - Present
Game Based e-Learning

This game-based learning project was used world-wide by expert trainers to deliver "out-of-the-box" courses at remote locations for major companies who want to up-skill their teams.

2014 - Present
Competency Management System

Development of system to provide complete competency management system including both individual and team recoding and analysis. Implementation includes report generation for short-fall analysis and visualisation of both individual team competencies (using JavaScript and SVG).

2014 - Present
Risk Register Portal

I designed and developed risk register and reporting software. This provided live tracking of risk, reporting (online, PDF and scheduled e-mails). A flexible scoring model and risk aggregation was also supported.

Early 2010's
Distributed Learning Management System

This project involving building a learning management system that was distributed across a country with poor Internet connection speeds and availability. The project allowed for remote access to content and assessments which then feed the information back to a central location.

1994 - Present
Learning Management Portals

These projects have involved development of SCORM and AICC interfaces for content creation learning products and the development of learning-based management systems for industrial applications.

2006 - Present
On-Line Engineering Evaluation and Simulation Tool

I developed on-line simulator for the evaluation of low pressure well technology which allows quick pre-sales evaluation of pump technology. This project included self service portal including sales tools, user managements and third party training course integration. Implementation uses JavaScript front-end and OAuth and Google services to provide back-end. Still in daily us today.

Mid - 2000's
Quotation Preparation and Proposal Tracking Web Application

This involved building a web-based quotation portal that used a knowledge-based system to build a detailed bill of materials from perspective clients. This application significantly improved the accuracy of quotations and reduced the time to prepare quotations from nearly an hour to about 3 minutes.

Scottish Learning Network (SLN)

The design and development of an industrial web-application used to support a European Social Funded (ESF) project with Scottish Enterprise. The SLN was used nationally within Scotland to support and coordinate beneficial registration and on-line support for several thousand registered users (including beneficiaries, tutors, regional organizers and administrators).

Scottish Science and Technology Network (SSTN)

The design, development and deployment of a large-scale web-based application to allow schools within Scotland to access educational resource curriculum materials. The ability to integrate on-line industrial mentoring is also provided via a web-based interface.

Mid - 1990's
DTI NeuroComputing

This project involved creating in 1995 an on-line resource centre for UK industries to become familiar with and exploit the emerging neuro-computing technology. This on-line service supported a 'conventional' campaign within on-line resources and 'portal' features to other Internet resources. I was principle to design and implement this project throughout the lifetime of this project.

Early 1990's
Distributed, Discrete Simulation Environment

This project involved building a distributed discrete simulation environment using object-oriented technology for the European Space Agency (ESA/ESTEC). The system developed Sun's ToolTalk to provide components distribution and control with a commercial object-oriented database (MATISSE) providing persistence capability. Gary designed and implemented the system architecture and component interfaces.

2013 - Present
Malawi Projects

I have worked on developing software for use in Scottish Government projects in Malawi (Scottish Malawi Partnership) for the collection and analysis of medical records. This software can use low-power computers in standalone mode or as an Internet-based service.

2015 - Present
Save Bennachie Alliance

I has been a committee member for the Save Bennachie Alliance who are working to protect and defend Bennachie and its surrounding area from the A96 dual carriageway in Aberdeenshire UK.

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