Gary Whittington

The No Man

We've tried that before
The tools will cost too much
That's not my job
We're all to busy
We don't have enough time
We've never done it before
All our jobs are special
That's not our problem
We don't produce in large quantities
What do our competitors do
What can you tell us about our jobs
We are specialists
Can't teach an old dog new tricks
Good thought but impractical
Let's give it more thought
Not that again
That's what we can expect form our staff/shop people
Let's shelve if for the time being
Customers won't like it
It won't work in our industry
We should check it over again
We did that years ago
Our factory is different
That's beyond our control
We can't change customers designs
It's too radical a change
Let' make a market research test of this first
Even the Americans don't do it
We don't have the authority
Why change it, it's never given trouble
Top management wouldn't agree
I don't like the idea
We've done value analysis for years under another name
We've been through all this before
Let's hold it in abeyance
Let's put it in writing
We did alright without it
It's never been tried before
Let's form a committee
Has anyone else ever tried it?
This wouldn't work in our Department
You're two years ahead of your time