Gary Whittington

Consultancy Experience

Throughout my career I have provided a range of consultancy services for different organisations. Some examples are described below. I am pleased to undertake new consultancy work in these areas (either individually or as part of a team). If you wish to contact me please see the Contact Information page.

Learning and Development

My academic background and experience with real-world learning and development applications has allowed me to provide consultancy on learning management systems (LMS), portfolio management tools and mentor-based support systems. I have an active interest in learning standards (such as SCORM and AICC) and have developed software supporting these standards as well as having worked on projects that deploy these standards.

Oil and Gas Industry

I have provided a range of consultancy services to the oil and gas industry including oil companies (such as Shell Bv, Shell Inc., NAM, Shell Exploration and Production and others) as well as Scottish Enterprise and COGENT (formerly OPTIO).

Artificial Intelligence

I have provided a range of consultancy services in the use of various artificial, semantic and knowledge based technologies. These have included the European Space Agency (ESA) and UK defence organisations.

Web and Internet-based Systems

I have provided consultancy for a range of internet and web-based applications for both business and education. These have included delivery of systems on handheld computing devices and interfacing knowledge-based systems via the Internet.

Software and Databases

I have considerable expertise in computing and database applications and have provided a range of services to a variety of organisations including Fortune 500 companies and European government agencies.