Gary Whittington

Say C

    #define like {
    #define man ;}
    #define an ;
    #define SayBro /*
    #define CheckItOut */
    SayBro like, this is some rad shit, so CheckItOut
        a = b
        c = d
    SayBro , like who needs help from them compiler choads anyway?
    THIS is the way to write CLEAR code.  I mean really! CheckItOut
    like SayBro this is ShellSort straight out of the white book, but in a readable form.
    CheckItOut man
    #define YoDude for(
    #define OK     )
    #define is     =
    #define AND    &&
    #define as
    #define Do
    #define long
    #define some
    #define make
    #define shit
    #define FAROUT
    shell(v, n) SayBro sort v[0]...v[n-1] into increasing order CheckItOut
    int v[], n;
    like int gap, i, j, temp;
    YoDude gap is n/2 an as long as gap > 0 Do some shit an make gap /=2 OK
        YoDude i is gap an as long as i < n Do some shit an make i++ OK
            YoDude j is i - gap an as long as j >= 0 AND v[j] > v[j+gap] Do some
                shit an make j -= gap OK
                    temp is v[j]      an
                    v[j] is v[j+gap]  an
                    v[j+gap] is temp
    FAROUT man
    SayBro like, B there OB square!  CheckItOut


Who: Franklin A Davis
Where: Thinking Machines Corp. Cambridge, MA 02142